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For me, owning a second home is a dream I have had for a long time. It began in my 20’s. I was just married, making a decent living and had no kids.  I was on a fantastic vacation somewhere tropical and completely impractical and I’m thinking, “Yeah, I could live here…”  Anything to get out of the Seattle rain in February.  Of course, as a real estate broker I’m compelled to check out the local real estate listings. So I drag hubby around the different neighborhoods, Zillow app in hand, and check out the homes for sale. We talk about how we could make it happened, drugged by

My name is Kirsten Robertson and I am a real estate broker of 18 years with Windermere Real Estate in Bellevue WA. I have a husband name Frank, two children and two step children who are all young adults. I am at that prime age for buying a second home. That is where this story starts….  It’s January 1, 2021.  We just closed the door on one of the worst years I can remember. COVID-19 has wracked the world in terms of both the disease and it’s affect on the global economy.  In March 2020, life went from normal to just plain weird in the blink of an eye. I mean,